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Smart Traffic Monetization

Wide Feed
We have one of the biggest feeds on the market with the top-converting offers. And yes, it includes CPA and CPM offers.
Leave all the fuss and trouble behind. The Smartlink algorithm works to make your performance better and better. And better.
Fast Results
Analysing at least 50K impressions of a chosen slice in only 2-3 day, the algorithm is boosted in the most efficient way.
Smartlink allows you to ensure your rotation gets the best campaigns. It analyses numerous metrics, including CR and CPC.

The full ecosystem of verticals

Software & extension
Content on demand
Mobile content
Save your money and time.

Zeydoo Smartlink

Smartlink works with
Pop-Under, Push, Redirect,
In-app, Traffic-Back.

Multiple usage


The Smartlink Feed includes all the GEOs, allowing you to monetize your traffic to the maximum.


All the traffic you send
is permanently optimized
with our exclusive algorithms.

Personal Manager

We provide personal support to each partner that wishes to run Smartlink.

Exclusive Offers Feed

Smartlink includes a large inventory of exclusive offers, with multiple vertical choices.

Referral System

Double monetization! Introduce your friends to ZeyDoo and get rewarded for their traffic.

The best-performing GEOs

Mac OS

BR (Brazil), IN (India), VN (Vietnam), RU (Russia), NG (Nigeria), MX (Mexico), FR (France), CZ (Czechia), AU (Australia), US (United States).

US (United States), GB (United Kingdom), DE (Germany), EG (Egypt), IN (India), IL (Israel), CO (Colombia), JP (Japan), SG (Singapore), CL (Chile).

CA (Canada), US (United States), VN (Vietnam), IT (Italy), DE (German), FR (France), ES (Spain), ID (Indonesia), BR (Brazil), JP (Japan), UA (Ukraine), GB (United Kingdom).

US (United States), DE (Germany), FR (France), AT (Australia), JP (Japan), PE (Peru), PL (Poland), DK (Denmark).

Streamline your traffic and save time

From conception to monetization with one online solution. is an affiliate network with private offers from PropellerAds advertisers. Join us today to start promoting offers that were previously available only for top companies in the market.
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