The new era of Affiliate marketing! Smart survey offers allow you to forget about low ROI and small CR. Just take an offer and earn real money. It's as simple as that!

Unique Product Smart Survey Offers

Why are Smart Survey Offers perfect?
The user just need to answer on the questions without leaving personal information. Conversion fires when user passed survey
Easy flow
High ROI
High CR and low costs on advertising make ROI higher, than on any other offers. Work great on the bi amounts of traffic
Different flows
Revshare, CPL - choose the most profitable flow for your traffic
WW Coverage
WW GEOs available for each offer. Ask the manager about top GEOs, choose the needed one and let's go!
Wide Coverage
All types of systems, devised and OSs. It fits for any type of traffic on the big volumes
What products do we have?
7$ - 16$
Avg. CR
Push and Pops: 5% - 7%
Social media: 6% - 8%
Sport Gaming Survey
Avg. CR
Push and Pops: 7% - 9%
Social media: 16% - 18%
Finance Survey
9,42$ - 15,95$
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